About Brendjordsbyen

For centuries, Brendjordsbyen has offered food and rest for both permanent residents and long-distance travelers, here in the heart of the mountain village of Lesja. Today, you are welcome to wake up in our uniquely restored and conservation-worthy log house, in the middle of a living cultural landscape, mountains, and the farm. 

Familien ønskjer deg velkomen på Brendjordgard.

The hosts

At Brendjordsbyen, you will be warmly welcomed by Kjersti and Tronn. In 2002, both 24 years old and without any worries, they bought a farmstead from the 18th century with seven dilapidated timber houses.

Today, two decades later, they have renovated most of the wood and stone, built another historic farmhouse and a large barn on the farm. They have also became parents to Olav, Iver August and Lars.

Fire jenter på jentetur til Brendjordsbyen på Lesja. Foto: Augeblikk Studio

The historic Brendjordsbyen

– Entering the farmstead was like entering another era. It was so calm and peaceful. This is what Kjersti Åvangen Flittie recalls about her first meeting with Brendjord.

Back in 2002, the young couple saw nothing but potential in the dilapidated buildings.

Luckily, they knew about other people who also saw the potential in this place. One of Tronn’s fellow students, who also grew up on an old farm, visited Lesja together with his father to take a look at the project.

– He said that this was something unique. Something we had to take good care of, says Tronn.

During the two decades that have passed, Kjersti and Tronn have restored a farmhouse, firehouse, barn, stable, and a barn on their own land. All this, as well as a storehouse and a stone barn which belonged to the neighbor. From the old times, there were 30 houses in Brendjordsbyen. After the young couple bought the neighboring barn and the land on which it stood on, large parts of what earlier had been three farmyards were now again gathered into one authentic cluster yard.

– Even though people have lived here in hundreds of years, we feel like this place is ours.

One man’s and one woman’s grave have been found in the yard at Brendjord. The yard traces its roots all the way back to the Viking Age. If you come visit, the host-family will be more than happy to share the histories of Brendjordsbyen with you.

Rykende ferske brød bakt i steinovn hos Brendjordsbyen på Lesja. Foto: Kjersti Flittie

Rest, baking, and events

The name ‘farm hotel’ seems a bit pretentious, but at Brendjord you can find accommodation other than the usual. You can sleep in the storehouse, or in one of the other conservation-worthy houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. If you are lucky, you can even get some fresh baked goods from the stone oven.

We have a total of 20 beds at Brendjordsbyen, spread over 5 bedrooms and two historic log houses. If you fancy some local food, we are happy to advise you on short-traveled favorites.

The wall on the unique stone barn is worth a study itself. Here you can find a banquet room for memorable days and evenings – as well as a stone oven filled with baked goods, just to top it all of.

Gammelt trevirke med svijernsignatur på Lesja. Foto: Kjersti Flittie

Lesja and Brendjordsbyen

You can find the mountain village of Lesja where Gudbrandsdalen and Romsdalen both meet. A bright and lively agricultural village, proud if its traditions of high-quality pastures, crops and brews. Between the centuries-old timber walls at Brendjordsbyen, you will wake up in the heart of Norwegian agriculture and production of local food, and also experience how life on the farm pulsates on the yard.

If you take your time to wander between the century-old timber- and stone-walls, you will have both small adventures and historical discoveries waiting for you. You can read stories from sticks and stones, tarred buildings, and solid walls. Maybe you’ll meet a newborn lamb on your way, or perhaps the river below the farm tempts you for a bath.

If you want to go for a walk, we are happy to show you the way to hidden gems in our village. Adventures on land, water and in the air are waiting for you here in Lesja!

Adventures in Norway

In the middle of the mountains, close to the fjords of Norway, lies Lesja and Brendjordsbyen. You will discover that here, where it is difficult to believe that anyone could live – we live in the heart of a lot of the most beautiful things we have to offer in Norway.

From the farmstead, you can easily reach the highest mountain of Northern Europe, experience the world’s most beautiful train ride, and be blown away by the magical fjords of Norway. Romsdalen, Dovrefjell, Galdhøpiggen, Trollveggen, Besseggen, Gudbrandsdalen, Rondane, Romsdalseggen, og Jotunheimen – it is up to you to decide!

Regards, Kjersti og Tronn